Contact Us

To inquire about Macoda, our cakes, calendar, or "whether we can make this amazing cake, just for you!", please email us at:

Due to the unfortunate reality of spammers using Blogger to borrow & sell direct contact information, our phone number is not provided on this page.  Rest assured, when we receive your note, my personal phone number will be the first information we send along! :0)

** Thursday & Friday (all day) & Saturday (a.m.) requests:
Please allow up to 24 hours for responses if your email was sent during these peak days! 
I do apologize for any delay, but due to the nature of cakes & party schedules, and the fact everything Macoda produces is made fresh (NOT refrigerated or frozen!), Thursdays through Saturdays tend to be marathon work sessions here.  If you don't receive an immediate response, it has nothing to do with your cake or our lack of enthusiasm: we're just busy giving another client's creation the same undivided dedication we can't wait to share with you!

Best job in the shop??  Clean-up!