Why Macoda?

When choosing your caterer or baker for your next event, we realize you have many options.
And your choice of Macoda Cakeworks isn't just a choice of food, it's a vote of confidence in us.

Our pricing is highly-competitive given the nature of work we do: it's not comparable to that of a commercial grocery or chain store, no, but what you pay is a result of many factors, from location to dedication to ingredients.

Dedication, attention, quality, commitment
When you commission a Macoda Cake, we schedule so you receive the benefit of a single artisan &/ or decorator's attention for the entirety of its production.  I personally decorate all cakes that come through our kitchen, and in doing so, can ensure you over 20+ years of artistic input, training, and expertise are poured into *each* single order.  Cakes are as much about science (baking) and art (decoration) as they are about dessert... for me, this passion for sculpting, painting, and giving life to beauty only increases my love of great food & amazing cakes!

Details & Special Needs Orders
Gluten-free and allergy-free orders receive the benefit of a dedicated allergy-free environment as they're assembled.  As a family living with celiac disease & food allergies, maintaining this commitment to you is a personal one for us.

Our kitchen strives to use only high-quality and natural ingredients, as well:
Our flours are unbleached, sugars organic, and eggs vegetarian-fed, cage-free, and all-natural.  If it's not good enough for my family, it's not good enough for yours... our focus is not only on bringing you a high-quality, beautiful product, but on doing the right thing by the resources, animals, and environment my kitchen impacts.  We recycle religiously, source locally when seasonally or logistically possible, and do our best to prioritize sustainability in our daily choices, as a family and a business.

Choosing Macoda Cakeworks is choosing Colorado.
We're here, we live in your community, play in the same parks, enjoy the same wildernesses and mountains, love the same rivers, do business with the same stores and banks, and wouldn't trade our lives here for anyplace in the world!

When you think local, think MacodaCakeworks.