"I want you to make my cake! What do we do?"

First, you send me an email, with your event's date, the presumed number of guests, what kind of cake you have in mind, and any outrageous decoration requests.  I reply to you with a) my personal, direct phone number, and b) a ballpark estimate for your cake, based on what you've shared.
We generally consult a few times (email, phone, or in person), iron out the details, any upgrades (fresh fruit or crazy cake types) or clarification, what you're looking for in the end product, and negotiate a price.

At that time, we take a 50% deposit to hold your date, with the remaining balance due 1 week before your event.

Then you rest assured knowing you've got a cake coming that's not only in talented hands, but will stun and stand out, whatever your party entails!

"Oh no! I thought I wanted a peanut butter cake, but just found out my aunt is allergic!  Can I change my order?!"


We're more than happy to work with you to customize your wildest, most amazing works of cake art, whether that's with flavors or whimsical artwork.

However, orders will be considered finalized (no changes) one week prior to delivery, or upon receipt of final payment (whichever occurs first).

Changes after this time, or upgrade requests made after final pricing negotiations, may be subject to additional charges. :0(

"I totally forgot my boss's birthday is next week, and just stumbled upon your webpage.  You're the only one who can save my job... can you make me something special for her?"

Last-minute orders (within one week of deadline) can be a bit of a toughie:
Because we bake from scratch, selling as a boutique establishment where your cake receives our undivided love and adoration, our schedule usually only allows for one booking per day.  But you know what?  Try us!  Drop an email to MacodaCakeworks@gmail.com and ask about the date: the worst that can happen is we're already booked. :0)

The only catch to last-minute ordering is that *everything* needs to be fully-negotiated at the time of your consultation and deposit: we don't want to be unfair or sleight you in any way, but our artist needs those few precious remaining days to devote to creating your unforgettably fantastic cake.

"Uh, yeah.  I just saw that peanut butter thing above.  If you use peanut butter now, how can I be sure my allergic son will be okay when you deliver our cake in 3 weeks?"

The *last* thing I personally have any desire to do is to compromise the health or safety of any person or child, my client or no.  Because we are a home-based operation, we not only maintain a certain level of cleanliness on a regular basis, but do a full sterilization before each and every job.  All kitchen surfaces are scrubbed and sanitized, hardwoods and tiles thoroughly mopped, and even the carpet vaccuumed on the entire level of our home where the kitchen lives, the day each job begins.

(yes, even if I just made a cake yesterday!)

We have our own food allergies and intolerances here, so it's additionally important to clean up thoroughly after every job, as well.  All kitchen implements are washed with soap and water at the time of use, then steamed/ re-cleaned in a dishwasher, and all mechanized devices (mixers, blenders) cleaned with disinfectant upon completion of every project.

Did I forget something?
Please send your questions directly: MacodaCakeworks@gmail.com