Costs and Delivery

We do our bests to keep costs low, but as private artists (versus commercial storefront), we can't compete with the highly discounted volume prices of chain grocers or bulk sellers.

However, we see the trade-off in ingredient quality, craftsmanship, undivided attention, personal touches, and custom detail as more than worth it, and hope you enjoy the final product as much as we enjoy being able to bring it to you. 

Pricing for fondant-sculpted flour-based cakes starts at $65,
Pricing for fondant-sculpted gluten-free at $70.

(Our pricing is highly competitive with that of independent bakeries, often with greater variety and customer service in many cases!)

Please email for estimates on buttercream frosted cakes; 
Cupcake orders are dependent upon order size as much as detail.

Initial price estimations are based on requested flour type + your group's size + projected workload to produce the final product (details, etc), and assumes buttercream interior + fondant unless otherwise specified.  Higher-end (specialty flavored, such as ganache) fillings and more labor-intensive add-ons (whether sculpture work or hand-sliced fruits, etc) may affect pricing later if not requested during your initial consultation.

Drop us a line, we're happy to customize your order or ballpark a number for you!


We happily offer FREE DELIVERY within a 10-mile radius of Macoda's home address in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Delivery charges & setup beyond ten miles begins at $10.

Large fondant roll-out