Sunday, February 14, 2010

Concept Art for Online Pet Boutique

These aren't exactly cakes, but once upon a time, I began my path towards baking not only in my grandmother's kitchen, but as an artist:


Rest assured, whether you're seeking sculpture work, traditional cake design, or hand-painted detailing, your cake is in talented and able hands.

Looking for something realistic?

Simplified/ line art?

Perhaps a little more fun, cartoonish, or caricatured?

We can do them all!  

Hand-lettering, fondant punch, hand-painted, embellished-- it's all part of the package here at Macoda. And we look forward to sharing our talents and ridiculous cake enthusiasm at your next event!

Crayon draft art for Disney "Cars" project.... (2009)
with color decoration by our toddler :0)

Our Gluten-free Story... or "why we offer wheat-free alternatives"

"The California Snowball"
8-layer torted gluten-free coconut-lime cake, sour cream-lime custard filling, homemade coconut-reduction cream-cheese icing... dusted with lime zest & pan-toasted coconut

Some time ago, we had an angelic little baby we named Mason Rieve, and much to our chagrin, he grew into a beautiful little boy who eventually turned one.  The problem?  As a newborn, our pleasant & even-tempered child turned into a colicky, miserable, pain-wracked monster: at four months of age, his teeth began coming in, and on a whim we gave him a graham cracker to soothe his tiny jaws. 

What happened next-- hives, swelling, tomato-face, and anaphylaxis, swiftly led us to a diagnosis.....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Retirement Gala for Prominent Local Legal Figure

After 25 years of service as both judge and district magistrate, and his long, distinguished career in juvenile & family law, a Colorado attorney's many friends joined together to celebrate his transition to private mediation.

These cakes were a collaboration with Mrs. Barbie Yoder, also of Castle Rock:

Delicious vanilla-creme cake with chocolate buttercream, sugar-encrusted fruit, fresh double-washed ivory roses

Complimentary cakes: 
Assortment of white, butter, and carrot cakes, all with homemade buttercream, ensconced in hand-painted and sculpted fondant



Cake interiors baked by Barbie Yoder, 
Fondant work, decoration & sculpting by Cortney Glauser


Coming Soon!

We here at Macoda Cakeworks are working to bring this site, and Macoda, into full life.

Hope to be up and running with it very soon, and I'm personally looking forward to bringing smiles and joy to your celebration with one of our amazing custom designs!

Thanks so much for checking us out,

- Cortney Glauser