Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Gluten-free Story... or "why we offer wheat-free alternatives"

"The California Snowball"
8-layer torted gluten-free coconut-lime cake, sour cream-lime custard filling, homemade coconut-reduction cream-cheese icing... dusted with lime zest & pan-toasted coconut

Some time ago, we had an angelic little baby we named Mason Rieve, and much to our chagrin, he grew into a beautiful little boy who eventually turned one.  The problem?  As a newborn, our pleasant & even-tempered child turned into a colicky, miserable, pain-wracked monster: at four months of age, his teeth began coming in, and on a whim we gave him a graham cracker to soothe his tiny jaws. 

What happened next-- hives, swelling, tomato-face, and anaphylaxis, swiftly led us to a diagnosis.....

-- allergy testing came back strongly positive for wheat and gluten allergies.

Since that day, we've learned to alter our lives to a gluten-free and wheat-free lifestyle.  Amazingly enough, recent testing shows Mason, now almost three, grew out of his wheat allergy.... but after both of us went off wheat while Mason was still nursing, we found out *I* had celiac disease!

The jokingly-named "California Snowball" was the cake I made for Mason's 1st birthday party-- before my interest in sculpted cakes blossomed, but back when the focus was solely on taste and texture without using traditional flours.

We still strive to provide excellence in taste, texture, and quality ingredients, with our unique focus on aesthetics and customer satisfaction.  Do drop us a line today: traditional cakes, gluten-free, sculpted, or otherwise.... we're happy to help make your dreams a reality!

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