Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where do baby cakes come from??

From Macoda Cakeworks, of course!

These square cupcakes, a gluten-free chocolate fudge creation, with homemade vanilla buttercream and hand-tinted fondant, were whipped up for a second-baby shower in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Mom was looking for a modern-simple design with clean lines and easy colors: we paired rich chocolate browns with traditional baby-pastels, the result being "Exactly what I (the client) hoped for!"  

It's amazing these ingredients....

... become these beautiful cakes.

Individual chocolate-fudge cakes fresh from the oven--
check out those amazing caramelized veins of molten gourmet fudge

Inverted onto cooling racks:
these little guys still have their parchment paper liners intact, to prevent overbrowning on edges

Receiving a buttercream crumb-coat

And later, double-frosted for good measure!

Then comes the most finicky & labor-intensive part:
hand-tinting fondant
Everything ends up dusted in snowy confectioner's sugar when fondant is rolled out.
And each cupcake is rolled and covered individually, ensuring fondant and cake stays moist & fresh.

Things clean up a bit as the cake is covered & fondant shaped and trimmed

The final product

And that's where baby cakes come from: 
Right here at Macoda.... hope you've enjoyed!

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  1. Those little cuties look too good to eat. I am sure they are delicious...and a big hit!